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Welcome! Here are some pictures and info from the annual rallies of the OLD BASTARDS VINTAGE MOTORCYCLE CLUB over the years...

Our 13th Annual Old Bastards Rally, held Sept 6-7th 2014, once again in beautiful Lower Beverley Lake Park, Delta, Ontario was a resounding success!
Thanks to Joanne Chapeski for contributing the photos in the 2014 Delta Rally Trophy Winners and their bikes album.

Check out the great selection!

Click here for the Delta Rally Games 2014 on Facebook --> Delta Rally Games 2014 (you must be logged in to Fb to see)

2012 marked our 11th Annual Vintage Motorcycle Rally, which was held on the weekend after Labour Day, as usual. Despite the rain, folks came out and had a great time and saw an incredible assortment of bikes! From camping to the roast beef dinner and dance that followed, bike games, swap meet and the Sunday concours, we rocked the park. If you didn't make it this year, put it on your calendar for Fall 2013...an event not to be missed!

Lower Beverley Lake Park
146 Lower Beverley Lake Road
P.O. Box 130
Delta, Ontario K0E 1G0 Canada
Tel: 613-928-2881
Fax: 613-928-2073
Email: bevlake@ripnet.com

Our rally was well attended, despite a bout of inclement weather.  Folks started arriving on a blustery Friday, played in the misty rain on Saturday, danced and partied under the stars on Saturday night and by the time the gorgeous weather and sunshine arrived on Sunday we had an full contingent of beautiful machines on display for the Concourse!

A big "THANK YOU!" to all the volunteers who gave their time and energy to make this another successful event, to the folks who prepared and served the wonderful meal and to our favourite rally band, who rocked it again this year, Redneck Boulevard!

We have misplaced the notes regarding who won which categories in the Concourse...we have the categories and the bike info, but not names to go along with the winners.  If you won your category, or you know someone who did, please have them get in touch with us (karin@oldbastards.ca) to provide their name and the details of their ride, so we can congratulate them publicly!  Thanks!

2012 Old Bastards Rally Games Prizes:

Games winners were:
Slow Race - Doug Cross
Keg Race - Doug & Cindy Cross
Golf Ball Toss - Tiffany
Balloon Toss - Brenda Saumure & Braoull
Ball & Tube - Dave Thom & Tammy McLeod
Plank Race - Braoull

Thanks to all the participants for putting their enthusiasm and skills on display!   Pics will be up shortly!

Lots of people, not just bikes at the 2011 rally - over 650 attended on Saturday. 2011Pics here

Also, some members have put up pics  of the 2011 rally - see

https://picasaweb.google.com/110239931529134740817/Rally1102?authkey=Gv1sRgCJDGwpGat9P0vQE and http://s167.photobucket.com/albums/u142/manton_photo/OFY-Photos/OFY_Photos_2011/Sept-9-11-Old-Bastards-Rally/

Another beautiful machine at our 2010 Rally...check out the 2010 Rally - pics here

2009 Rally was a great time for all! We love all the bikes and people!

And now, here we go... 2008's rally and our name prominently displayed here and there...

Big and small, we like them all!  Kids are welcome and well treated in the field events at the Old Bastards Rally in 2007. Click here for 2007's pics!

An OLD BASTARD at the rally - he told me it was his 72nd! Click here for lots of pictures of the 2006 Old Bastards Rally.

HERE is a link to some 2005 rally photos with thumbnail pages.

Here are pictures from 2004's rally with thumbnail pages

vintage pics from the 2007 supershow here