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As some of you know 9 bikes were pulled over on the way to our breakfast meeting last Sunday. No one was charged for any offense. I called theCampbell's Bay detachment of the Quebec Police force and spoke with the headofficer in charge.

He was very understanding of our concerns. He told me thatthey have to have a reason for pulling any vehicle over and the patrol officersinvolved should have given the reason why the did so on Sunday. He said itcould have been for various reasons, stolen motorcycles and there is a lot ofillegal activities this time of year (harvest time) connected with “BIKE GANGS”.

The Campbell's Bay QPP and the OPP work together in both these cases.He assured me that ONTARIO plates are not singled out same as QUEBEC are not in Ontario. Pictures taken would be to see if the LOGOs – Crests are on their fileas a club with known criminal activities, to see if they have moved into their area etc. 

He told me that he would speak with the two officers involved. He stressed the point that the Ontario plates were not singled out but probably because of the more than usual groups of motorcycles on the highway that morning they just wanted to check things out and got that group.

He suggested that when we have an event on to please contact him and he would be able to inform his patrol officers to expect more than usual motorcycle traffic going to a certain location. 

All in all I was OK with his explanation, he has lived in the area for 22 years and knows how important motorcycle travel from outside the Pontiac area is for the local economy.  

Stuart MacFarlane

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OBVMC - Breakfasts at the Junction - Every 2nd Saturday of each month
@ 9:30AM.
Note: Please send me a note saying if you are coming or not.
Thanks Marilyn

Ride for Disabled Vets - May 10th, 2014 - Click link for details


There is a fairly comprehensive list of Ontario bike events to be found at http://www.bikerides.ca/.  It's updated as the winter progresses, so keep checking back for rides and events in your area...many thanks to D'Arcy Cain for taking the time to compile this information and for his ongoing support of our event!